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Pick-ups will be performed weekly and larger clean-up events will be scheduled quarterly.


one years, with the ability to renew.


Remove litter and graffiti

Report weed control, code violations and blighted properties.


Adopters are to contact Memphis City Beautiful, (901) 522-1135 and request litter retrieval.

The litter will be picked up by the City of Memphis, Solid Waste Department.


Yes, the minimum age for volunteers is 12, and adult supervision is required for minors.


Memphis City Beautiful and the City of Memphis will provide a Starter Kit.

Additional tools can be requested as needed and will be loaned if available.


Minimum of two blocks.


Within 60 days of becoming an adopter and receiving an acceptable Litter Index evaluation.


Yes, it is at your discretion.


“Adopting our blocks help us have a sense of community. Canvassing our neighborhood weekly allows it to stay free from code violations and excess litter. The added bonus is the exercise"

Tanja Mitchell

“For the past 20 years, every Saturday regardless of weather conditions young men from our neighborhood and surrounding areas clean the block, rake, sweep and remove all trash. It attracts a large number of participants every week.”

Reverand Dr. Melvin Charles Smith

We have been conducting park and street cleanups in the Raleigh community and there has been a steady improvement in the physical image and involvement in the community by our residents.

Wayne Roberts

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