Program Overview

The mission of the Adopt-A-Block program is to help keep Memphis beautiful by encouraging and enabling community members to control and prevent litter in our city, block by block.

Community members will have the opportunity to invest in their neighborhood by adopting 2 blocks for a one year period and committing to quarterly clean-up events each year. This is a great way for individuals, neighborhood associations, business groups or any concerned citizen to get engaged in the effort to keep Memphis beautiful.

Some of the benefits of this program are:

  • Litter-free, more attractive communities
  • Reminders of the importance of litter prevention and control
  • Areas watched and cared for by concerned citizens like you
  • Signs with volunteer group names, showing citizens that volunteer groups are committed to improving the community

What to Expect

As an Adopt-A-Block volunteer group, your essential duty is to maintain your adopted area free of litter and debris on an ongoing basis over the course of one year. Each volunteer group must commit to cleaning their adopted area once a week on a routine basis. Volunteer groups must agree to organize quarterly community clean-ups.

The Office of Community Affairs will provide your group with an essential startup kit, resources, and training to enable you to help control and prevent litter in our city, block by block. If you have any questions throughout your one year commitment, please contact the Office of Community Affairs for assistance at (901) 636-6350 ; adoptablock@memphistn.gov

It is strongly suggested that each group selects a group leader that will be responsible for organizing your block's clean-up events and serve as a main point of contact with the Office of Community Affairs.

Program Benefits:

  • Litter-free, more attractive communities that help discourage unwanted and illegal activity.
  • Increased economic development. An attractive, clean community is a great asset for attracting new businesses, jobs and customers.
  • Signs recognizing your commitment to make a difference and to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood.

Adopter Responsibilities:

As an adopter you will have the opportunity to invest in your neighborhood by choosing to become an Adopter


  • Adopts a minimum of two blocks for an one-year period.
  • Agrees to monitor the adopted area and perform weekly litter pickup as needed.
  • Agrees to coordinate a quarterly clean-up day in the adopted area.

City of Memphis

  • Provide educational material during Adopt-A-Block orientation to include information on litter prevention and the top 10 code violations.
  • Provide a Starter Kit to include: trash bags, gloves and code violation door hangers.
  • Publicize your scheduled quarterly clean-ups on the City of Memphis Adopt-A-Block website.
  • Provide loaner tools and supplies for quarterly clean-ups through the Memphis City Beautiful/ Neighborhood Improvement Tool Bank or Mobile Tool Bank programs (click here for Tool Bank guidelines).


“Adopting our blocks help us have a sense of community. Canvassing our neighborhood weekly allows it to stay free from code violations and excess litter. The added bonus is the exercise"

Tanja Mitchell

“For the past 20 years, every Saturday regardless of weather conditions young men from our neighborhood and surrounding areas clean the block, rake, sweep and remove all trash. It attracts a large number of participants every week.”

Reverand Dr. Melvin Charles Smith

We have been conducting park and street cleanups in the Raleigh community and there has been a steady improvement in the physical image and involvement in the community by our residents.

Wayne Roberts

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